IPCC urges Mitchell to let police get on with inquiry

The police watchdog has replied to former chief whip Andrew Mitchell's letter, where he voiced concerns over the apparent leaking of a report into the 'plebgate' scandal.

In a letter to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, Mr Mitchell said the leaking of information had been "spun" to the officers advantage.

Deputy Chair of the IPCC Deborah Glass has replied:

While this does not rule out the possibility of the MPS file having been leaked, it also raises other possibilities, either that someone who may have been connected to the investigation or in possession of material had a conversation with a reporter, or that the author/s of the articles were reporting speculatively – I note, for example, the references in both stories to “…it is understood that..."

While I fully understand your concerns about these press reports, it appears to me that the public interest is best served by ensuring that the MPS [Met Police] are indeed carrying out a robust and thorough investigation into the initial incident and its aftermath.