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Migrant impact downplayed

Fears an influx of Romanians and Bulgarians to Britain will put a strain on public services have been downplayed in an independent report, published by the Foreign Office. It added the number that may arrive on UK shores remains 'unpredictable'.

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Migrant impact on public services will be 'modest'

A report conducted by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research into the impact of migration to the UK from Bulgaria and Romania concluded that the impact on public services would be "modest", only potentially increasing if migrants choose to settle in the UK on a long-term basis.

In the areas of schools, the NHS and housing the report said:


Families migrating from the two countries could put pressure on primary school places and although migrant children do not bring school performance down, language assistance will need to be provided.


The widespread public perception that migration from Romania and Bulgaria will put pressure on social housing is not backed up by evidence to date, the NIESR report said.

It added the effect on housing is highly dependent on whether migrants settle in the long-term, but evidence from local surveys showed that while Romanians and Bulgarians are interested in coming to the UK...Many are interested in temporary stays rather than long-term moves.

But initially, future migrants are likely to be young, low-skilled workers, who do not have families, the report said


Because most migrants will be young - mainly under-35 - and healthy, they will have a minimal impact on the health service, it said.

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