Russia: 'Unacceptable to spread military hysteria'

Russia's foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said it was "unacceptable to spread military hysteria" as tensions heighten on the Korean peninsula.

Russia's ministry of foreign affairs tweeted:


Lavrov:All the embassies in Pyong Yang have been offered to evacuate; we are hoping to clarify the situation


We believe it is imperative to prevent hostilities on the Korean Peninsula. It is unacceptable to spread military hysteria


We see no alternative to a political, diplomatic resolution to the Korean Peninsula’s nuclear and other problems, based on UNSC resolutions

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S Korea on alert for missile test

South Korea and the US remain on high alert for a North Korean missile test. Pyongyang has stationed as many as five medium-range missiles on its east coast, according to defence assessments made by Washington and Seoul.