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Thatcher: UK's divisive leader

Margaret Thatcher was prime minister for 11 years, and she was as decisive with her policies as she was divisive with her people.

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People divided on Thatcher's legacy

Margaret Thatcher was one of the most divisive politicians in British history. We asked users of the ITV News Facebook page what they thought would be her lasting impact on the country:

  • Jacqueline Wilson: "She sold off all the utilities which means we now can't afford them."
  • Chantelle D'Brionne: "She did (overall) a fine job considering the times of her reign. Cold War ended and Falklands stayed British, not to mention women more respected in the workplace."
  • Anne Cryer-Whitehead: "She crushed communities. Privatised so many utilities. Bashed unions. Introduced poll tax. I for one am glad she's gone."
  • James Bayley: "Standing up to the EU, her patriotic leadership, poll tax, Falkland Islands and her professional relationship with Ronald Regan."

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