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PM, Merkel 'to work together'

David Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have agreed to work together to make the EU more competitive and flexible, Downing Street has said.

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PM: EU reform 'not about cherry-picking'

David Cameron insists that EU reform is "not about cherry-picking" rules as he calls for treaty changes that Europe "can benefit from".

In a statement in newspapers in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Poland, he said:

We are a major European power, a major European player. But do we think that the European Union has sometimes overreached itself with directives and interventions and interferences? Yes, it has. And that needs to change.

There are some reforms I think we need to make. Already we're starting to make some of them.

The agenda of the speech is change that all of Europe can benefit from. It is a more competitive, open, flexible Europe for all countries of Europe. And the second thing is that - you know, this is not about cherry-picking, but to argue as some do that you can't have a flexible Europe is wrong.

We can have a flexible Europe where we don't all have to do the same things in the same way at the same time.

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