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Holland meat recall in Europe

Holland has recalled 50,000 tonnes of meat sold as beef across Europe that may contain horsemeat, according to the Associated Press.

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Asda: Bute detected as part of ongoing testing process

Asda said its announcement that traces of 'bute' have been found in one of its products is part of its commitment to keep customers up-to-date on its product testing regime.

The supermarket says its has carried out "more than 700" tests since news of the horsemeat scandal broke. A statement released today said:

In March 2013 we withdrew tinned Smart Price Corned Beef (340g) after receiving a positive test for horse DNA above the 1% trace level set by the Food Standards Agency.

Today ... tests on further batches have shown a positive result for very low levels of horse medication called phenylbutazone, also known as bute, at 4 parts per billion.

The FSA has reassured us that the quantities we’ve found pose a low risk to human health ...

– asda statement

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