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Margaret Thatcher's legacy

Margaret Thatcher transformed politics as the Britain's first female prime minister and her legacy will be debated for years to come.

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Thatcher remembered as 'most capable prime minister'

Margaret Thatcher is remembered by as the most capable prime minister of the last few decades, with more than a third of the public saying they prefer her to leaders that came after her, according to an IPSOS Mori poll for Reuters in 2011.

  • 36% said Margaret Thatcher was Britain's most capable leader
  • 27% said Tony Blair
  • 11% said Gordon Brown
  • 10% said David Cameron
  • 7% said John Major

At the time of her resignation in November 1990, just over half thought her leadership had been good for the country:

  • 52% said they thought her government had been good for the country
  • 40% said her government had been bad for the country

At the time of her resignation, even though the public considered her government to have been good for the country, her popularity dipped considerably, according to the poll.

  • 60% said they disliked her
  • 39% said they liked her

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