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Melting glaciers 'threaten UK'

Melting ice in the Arctic could end up costing Britain billions of pounds. Leading scientists have told ITV News that the country needs to prepare now for the increased threat of flooding caused by rising sea levels.

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How extreme was the cold weather this winter?

The winter just ending was unusual for its cold and dry conditions, and for how long it lasted.

Some scientists have warned that early data suggests British weather is being influenced by the rapid melting of ice in the Arctic, and that such winters are becoming more frequent.

This winter:

  • March 2013 was the coldest on record since 1962
  • Average temperature this March was 2.2C - 3.3 degrees below the average temperature for March
  • A reading of -11.2C was taken in Braemar, Aberdeenshire, on April 2nd, making it the coldest night since 1917
  • Possible that the December to March period will be comparable with the winters of 2010/11, 2009/10 and those of the mid-1980s.

ITV News Science Editor Lawrence McGinty will be filing reports on the changing Arctic for the rest of this week. Watch the first of his reports on ITV News at 1.30pm.

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