Liam Gallagher has a 'new-found focus' on music

Once known for his frequent drug intake, Liam Gallagher has revealed his band's new album was written with a "clear head".

Formally the Oasis frontman, the singer said his group Beady Eye had a "new-found focus", suggesting he had moved on from his excesses.

Beady Eye frontman Noel Gallagher Credit: Ian West/PA Wire

Gallagher, 40, said: "We had a new-found focus when we were writing it - we really got our heads down and got our s*** together - clear heads, none of that c*** from the 90s."

Gallagher's brother Noel walked out on Oasis in August 2009, following a cancelled performance at V Festival.

The group have even used iPhone apps to work on some of the songs for their forthcoming album BE, out on June 10.