YouGov/Sun Poll: Thatcher more popular than Churchill

Baroness Thatcher is Britain's most popular prime minister since the Second World War, eclipsing even Sir Winston Churchill, according to a YouGov/Sun poll.

The survey of 1,893 adults revealed:

  • 28% of people named Thatcher as the best of the 13 prime ministers since 1945.
  • Sir Winston was in second place with 24% of the vote, and Tony Blair in third with 10%.
  • Nearly half of those polled (48%) felt she left Britain economically better off, 60% felt she left it more respected in the world.
  • 51% believed she created more opportunities for women, 36% declared she left society more free, and 49% said she left a less equal society.
  • 50% of people back her being given a full ceremonial funeral at St Paul's Cathedral next week - the rest disagree or simply do not know what to think.


Margaret Thatcher's legacy

Margaret Thatcher transformed politics as the Britain's first female prime minister and her legacy will be debated for years to come.