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Premier League goal technology

The Premier League has said it will will use goal-line technology provided by the British-based firm Hawk-Eye from next season.

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Camera-based systems favoured for English football

The Premier League and the FA are thought to favour two camera-based goal-line technology systems over magnetic-sensor-based competitors.

German-built GoalControl-4D, which has been given FIFA's international go-ahead, uses 14 high-speed cameras located around the pitch which are directed at both goals and is perhaps the most simple of the four systems currently licensed.

It will cost around £170,000 per stadium to install and a further £2,800 per match to operate.

A graphic representation of GoalControl in action. Credit:

Hawk-Eye,designed in Britain, uses high frame-rate cameras which send a notification to a watch worn by match referees.

It has been tested at Southampton's St Mary's stadium and at an England v Belgium Wembley friendly - as well as having been widely used in cricket, tennis and snooker.

Hawk-Eye sensors used on goal posts at Wembley Stadium for the England v Belgium friendly in 2012. Credit: PA

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