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Thatcher's coffin in Parliament

The body of Baroness Thatcher is in a chapel inside the Houses of Parliament, where a service was held for MPs, peers and parliamentary staff. Her funeral takes place today.

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World leaders invited to Thatcher's funeral

The guest list to Lady Thatcher's funeral has been drawn up and will start being dispatched tomorrow.

The list includes:

  • All surviving former prime ministers
  • All surviving former US presidents and a Reagan family representative
  • Hillary Clinton
  • All surviving members of Lady Thatcher’s Cabinets
  • The current Cabinet
  • The Lead of Her Majesty's opposition
  • President Manuel Barroso
  • Sir Bernard and Lady Ingham
  • Fredrick Forsyth CBE
  • Former Prime Minister Mahathir of Malaysia
  • A representative of Nelson Mandela

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