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PM 'picks UKIP words carefully'

Asked if he still thought UKIP voters are "closest racists, loonies and fruitcakes", the Prime Minister told ITV News: "I'll chose my words carefully." He is visiting the West Midlands as part of his local election campaign.

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David Cameron defends 'bedroom tax' system

The Prime Minister vigorously defended his so-called controversial 'bedroom tax' in an interview with ITV News. Asked if it was fair that children "bear the brunt of this kind of policy", he said:

"There is a human impact on the entire country that we currently spend £23 billion a year on housing benefit, that is more, to put it in context than we spend on the entire transport and home office budgets.

"We only spend £33 billion on our entire defence system for the UK. So it's not sustainable to go on with a housing benefit system and a benefit system."

Prime Minister David Cameron, speaking to ITV News presenter Julie Etchingham Credit: ITV News

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