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Your questions to Cameron

The Prime Minister has been answering questions put to him by users of the ITV News website. From benefit changes to the cost of Thatcher's funeral, here's what he had to say.

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Your questions: Why welfare reform over tax reform?

Lara Turner asked via email: How do you legitimise the choice to prioritise unfair cuts to the welfare bill, over boosting the economy by chasing tax avoidance, particularly by large corporations?

Demonstrations have taken place against the Government's welfare reform. Credit: Press Association

David Cameron's response: I don’t accept that cuts to the welfare bill are unfair. We live in a country where one pound in every three the government spends goes on pensions and benefits.

This is simply not affordable. So we are reforming welfare in a way that is sensible and fair: making sure that work pays and that help goes to those who genuinely need it.

What would be unfair is leaving another generation locked in the benefits system, leaving the taxpayer to pay for those who choose not to work, and leaving our children’s generation to pick up the rest of the bill.

And it’s not a case of prioritising welfare reform over tax avoidance – we’re doing both. In fact we’ve already committed hundreds of millions into clamping down on this – and I’ve made dealing with tax avoidance a top priority for the G8 which Britain is hosting this year.

We are getting the leaders of the world’s richest countries around a table to deal with this.

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