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Melting glaciers 'threaten UK'

Melting ice in the Arctic could end up costing Britain billions of pounds. Leading scientists have told ITV News that the country needs to prepare now for the increased threat of flooding caused by rising sea levels.

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Camp Barneo: North Pole's floating ice camp

Camp Barneo, otherwise known as the North Pole Camp, is located just 49km from the top of the world. It is set up every year from scratch, and serves as a base for excursions to the Pole. Here are some other facts about North Pole's floating ice camp:

  • By the end of April it starts melting, making Barneo the most temporary runway in the world, open for business less than one month every year.
  • This year, work on Barneo will have to wrap up about a week earlier than usual, as the ice melts faster than ever before.
  • Barneo is constantly moving as northerly winds push the floating camp towards the southeast at up to 0.5mph.
  • Every year in March 50 tons of equipment – everything from food supplies to bulldozers - are dropped onto the camp by parachute.

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