600-year-old skeleton sparks ancient murder mystery

A 600-year-old skeleton has been found by archaeologists excavating the crannog site in Co Fermanagh , Northern Ireland.

Ancient bones of a teenage girl found by archaeologists in Co Fermanagh. Credit: PA

Experts found the bones of a teenage girl in an unmarked grave at the ancient site and say the "irregular" nature of her burial, in around the 15th or 16th centuries, suggests foul play.

Excavation director Dr Nora Bermingham said:"The skeleton of a young woman, probably around 18 or 19 with very bad teeth, was found in the upper layers of the crannog."

"All we can say at the moment was that the burial itself was in slight disarray, it was slightly disarticulated, which means that it wasn't a normal internment," she added.

The remains will undergo further examination by a bones specialist.