Francis Maude defends his role in Thatcher's fall as PM

Conservative minister Francis Maude is overseeing Lady Thatcher's funeral arrangements.
Conservative minister Francis Maude is overseeing BaronessThatcher's funeral arrangements. Credit: PA

Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude, who is overseeing the funeral arrangements for Baroness Thatcher, has denied being the first to "plunge the knife" when the Conservative party forced her out of office 23 years ago.

Maude told Sky News' Murnaghan programme: "No I didn't, I simply told her what I believed to be the truth."

In her memoirs, Thatcher recalled how "reliable ally" Maude was the first to tell her she had to go.


Thatcher's coffin in Parliament

The body of Baroness Thatcher is in a chapel inside the Houses of Parliament, where a service was held for MPs, peers and parliamentary staff. Her funeral takes place today.