Universities UK 'concerned' about BBC's methods

The chief executive of Universities UK, Nicola Dandridge, said they are "concerned about the methods used" in the making of the BBC Panorama programme, after an academic trip with LSE students was used to gain entry to North Korea.

Ms Dandridge said universities must be able to work with integrity and operate in sensitive areas of the world.

Some students at the London School of Economics have complained about the BBC documentary. Credit: Johnny Green/PA Wire

"The UK's academics have a global reputation, and it is vitally important that they can be trusted and seen to be working in an open and transparent manner", she said.

"The way that this BBC investigation was conducted might not only have put students' safety at risk, but may also have damaged our universities' reputations overseas", Ms Dandridge continued.

"We regret the BBC's approach in this matter. Universities UK will be seeking to discuss this with the BBC to ensure they fully understand the concerns of the university sector".