Wigan FC chairman: 'I can't understand Millwall fans'

Dave Whelan, chairman of Wigan, who won the FA Cup semi-final against Millwall 2-0, said he could not understand Millwall fans fighting each other.

I can't understand why the Millwall fans would fight each other.

I understand if they want to fall out with the visiting team, but why would they fall out amongst themselves? It just gives football a very, very poor reputation.

We know Millwall are a tough club, their team's tough to play, the supporters are Millwall Millwall Millwall ... straight through. But don't fight each other. I couldn't understand that.

– Dave Whelan, chairman of Wigan

The Wigan chairman was speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live.


Millwall fan shamed by actions

A Millwall fan who was caught on TV hiding a police helmet under his jacket during clashes between supporters and the police at the FA Cup semi final on Saturday has told ITV News he is "disgusted" by his behaviour.