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Measles cases rise to 886

Public Health Wales has reported that the number of measles cases has risen to 886, as children have gone back to school after Easter. 25-year-old Gareth Williams died during the epidemic, it has not been confirmed whether measles was the cause.

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Dr Hilary: Parents need to think about MMR

There are growing fears over the number of children diagnosed with measles in South Wales.

Daybreak's Health Editor Dr Hilary said that there are thousands of children across the country who did not have the MMR jab due to health scares in the 1990s. He added:

There is a big reservoir of children who have not been vaccinated or even those who haven't had a second dose, and they are vulnerable.

Parents should be asking "did my child have the MMR, and if not can they have it now?" because they are at risk.

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