UN agencies make unprecedented Syria appeal

In an unprecedented move, the heads of the leading humanitarian UN agencies have published a joint appeal calling for an end to the suffering in Syria.

The heads of UNICEF, WFP, UNHCR, WHO and UNOCHA are calling for greater urgency amongst the governments and parties who could use their collective influence to find political solution to the crisis.

The Azaz refugee camp near the Bab Al-Salama border crossing between Turkey and Syria. Credit: Thomas Rassloff/DPA/Press Association Images

In a statement they said: "Our appeal today is not for more resources, needed as they are. We are appealing for something more important than funds. To all involved in this brutal conflict and to all governments that can influence them:

"In the name of all those who have so suffered, and the many more whose futures hang in the balance: Enough! Summon and use your influence, now, to save the Syrian people and save the region from disaster."