1. Lucy Manning

Some LSE students 'not fully informed' on N Korea risks

The BBC has been saying that they fully explained the risks to the students and that any risks that there could have been were justified.

Some of the students that went on the trip have via the student paper, Facebook and through friends been saying that they did not think they were fully informed of the risks.

One student said: "I was never told there would be a documentary that would implicate me before we landed in North Korea."

They believed that BBC Panorama reporter John Sweeney was a history professor at another university until halfway through the trip.

This has gone right to the top of the BBC, with the new director-general Tony Hall making the decision that the Panorama programme should go ahead despite what the London School of Economics want.

He is in front of MPs next week and we know that they want to question Mr Hall about this incident and some are saying that there are some problems for the BBC in what has happened over this.