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Britain reflects on Thatcher

People across the country have been paying tributes and protesting following the funeral of Margaret Thatcher.

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Former miners: 'The world's a better place today'

In Scotland former miners reflected on the "hated" figure's legacy locally.

At the Dean Tavern in Newtongrange, Midlothian, the funeral was shown on a television screen in the corner of the room.

The volume was turned off and none of the patrons in the bar appeared to watch the footage.

Instead, a 1980s documentary about the village, following the closure of its Lady Victoria colliery was played at full volume on another screen.

I'm not watching that funeral. I'd rather go and fight in Afghanistan.

– John Falconer, former miner

I think the world's a better place today. I'm glad to think that perhaps it's closure for a lot of people.

I think we're still suffering from (Thatcherism) today. The current banking system was started by her, she initiated all of that.

I think the economic crisis we're suffering today is largely down to the changes that she introduced.

The loss of industry in Scotland was horrendous. What did we not lose?

– John Byrn, tavern manager

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