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Mourners bid Thatcher farewell

Final respects have been paid to Baroness Thatcher as the former prime minister was carried with full military honours to St Paul's Cathedral for her funeral.

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Ken Clarke: 'All of us were rather sad' during funeral

Speaking outside Westminster after the event, Conservative Cabinet minister Ken Clarke told ITV News that he thought debate around the cost and status of Margaret Thatcher's funeral was "quite silly" and "clichéd" .

"I thought it was a nice funeral and I think she deserved that kind of send-off."

Asked about the Chancellor's tearful reaction to an anecdote about Baroness Thatcher, Clarke replied: "I think all of us were rather sad. Politics wasn't quite the same once she retired."

And he said he believed the debate around Thatcher's legacy would become more "sensible" as time passed following the funeral.

"I've heard people of the hard right and the hard left producing the most extraordinary version of events which I remember - the most ridiculous myths about what Margaret did," he said of recent commentary.

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