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Mourners bid Thatcher farewell

Final respects have been paid to Baroness Thatcher as the former prime minister was carried with full military honours to St Paul's Cathedral for her funeral.

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The Queen will 'pay her respects' with 2,000 people

The Queen's former press secretary Dickie Arbiter told Daybreak that the Queen "can't win either way" whether she decided to go to Margaret Thatcher's funeral or not.

Dickie Arbiter, The Queen's former press secretary Credit: PA/PA Archive

He said: She's criticised because she's going, in some quarters and she would have been highly criticised if she hadn't have gone.

"She's going because she wants to go because she wants to pay respects to somebody who was a Prime Minister for 11 years, some pretty turbulent years, we remember the Falklands war, we remember the industrial unrest, but we came out of it all.

"She's going there along with 2,000 other people to pay her respects."

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