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Fertiliser plant owner sued

The owner of a fertiliser plant that exploded last week killing 14 people and destroying dozens of homes and an apartment complex in a tiny Texas town is being sued by a single mom and by several insurance companies.

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Man who filmed explosion feared for his life

A man who filmed the widely circulated mobile phone footage of the explosion at a fertiliser plant in West, Texas, says he feared for his life.

Derrick Hurtt said he knew he was filming a fertiliser plant and expected a blast because of the fire, but the size of the explosion came as a shock.

"I thought it killed both of us really," he said, referring to his daughter who was also in his truck. "I know it went quick but it seemed like it lasted forever."

"It was like one big shockwave that hit us, then there were three or four more that kept coming through the truck," he said in an interview with NBC News. "And there was debris flying everywhere."

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