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New leader in right-to-die fight

A heavily-paralysed man has waived his right to anonymity to become the new figurehead of a right-to-die campaign. Paul Lamb has adopted the legal fight previously fronted by locked-in sufferer Tony Nicklinson.

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Paul Lamb continues Tony Nicklinson's legal fight

Tony Nicklinson died peacefully at his home in August last year. Credit: Emma Hallett/PA Wire

Paul Lamb has adopted the legal fight of locked-in sufferer Tony Nicklinson, who was left paralysed after suffering a stroke in 2005.

Mr Nicklinson broke down in tears on August 16 last year as he told ITV News he was left "devastated and heartbroken" at the High Court's decision to deny him a right to die.

Within days, Mr Nicklinson's health rapidly deteriorated after he contracted pneumonia and began refusing food. He died on 22 August 2012.

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