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New leader in right-to-die fight

A heavily-paralysed man has waived his right to anonymity to become the new figurehead of a right-to-die campaign. Paul Lamb has adopted the legal fight previously fronted by locked-in sufferer Tony Nicklinson.

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Right-to-die figurehead is 'clear and determined'

Paul Lamb is "clear and determined" to see a change in the law over the right-to-die, his solicitor has said.

Saimo Chahal, of Bindmans LLP, has said:

My client, Paul Lamb has decided that he is willing to speak about his situation publicly now having discussed with family and friends his wish to terminate his life with the help of a doctor at the right moment. He is willing to engage in the debate as Tony Nicklinson did. He is clear and determined in his wish to see a change in the law which he considers wholly wrong and out of date for a person in his situation, and for others like him.

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