Cameron 'fighting for the pound in your pocket'

The only "real choice" for voters at the forthcoming local elections is between the Conservatives and Labour, David Cameron has said.

David Cameron addresses Conservative Party supporters at the Amberside Sports Club in Nuneaton. Credit: Darren Staples/PA

In a direct attack on Labour leader Ed Miliband's policies, the Prime Minister said "the scale of the challenge is actually laid bare today because this is the day when the leader of the Labour Party is turning left.

"More spending, more borrowing, more debt - that is what he's calling for, more of all of those things that got us into this mess in the first place."

Mr Cameron said the Conservatives were "fighting for the pound in your pocket" adding it was "a moral imperative" to keep council tax down.

"We're fighting to keep it there because we get something, it is your money, not our money and not Government money."