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Lindsay Sandiford lodges appeal

British grandmother Lindsay Sandiford, who has been sentenced to death by firing squad for drug smuggling in Bali, has lodged a second appeal against her death sentence at Indonesia's Supreme Court, pressure group Reprieve has said.

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Reprive: The FCO should step in to help Bali gran

Action group Reprive said Lindsay Sandiford faces the death penalty because "she has no money to hire a lawyer for her appeal".

Never has there been a clearer example of how the death penalty falls predominantly on those who do not have the funds to defend themselves.

The FCO should step in to ensure she gets the legal support to which she is entitled - given it would cost them a fraction of what they spend on wine each year, it is hard to see why they are fighting against this in the courts.

– Zoe Bedford, Reprieve investigator

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