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£94m 'wasted' on young soldiers

Campaign groups have claimed the Ministry of Defence wastes up to £94 million a year training 16 and 17-year-old army recruits for roles which could be filled more cost-effectively by adults.

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Tory MP: Report needs to be examined carefully

Tory MP and former army officer Patrick Mercer has responded to a report stating that the army is wasting £94 million training young recruits, he said the report needed to be examined carefully.

I commanded 150 Junior Leaders in the 1980s, the majority of whom went on to be first class infantry soldiers.

However, social conditions, financial conditions and recruiting have all changed over the last couple of decades and if it now seems that junior entry soldiers are less than cost effective, the whole issue needs to be looked at.

– Patrick Mercer, Member of Parliament for Newark

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