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Warning over 'cosmetic crisis'

Unregulated injectable anti-wrinkle treatments are a "crisis waiting to happen", an official review into cosmetic procedures has warned. It says the procedures should only be available on prescription and carried out by qualified practitioners.

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190 different cosmetic fillers available across Europe

Health officials said there has been "explosive growth" in the market for dermal filler treatments, which involve injecting a gel-like substance into wrinkle sites, in recent years.

The products, which are also used to plump up lips, should be made prescription only, the review board set up by the Department of Health said.

It added that in the US, where the items are "properly regulated", there are just 14 items on the market, but across Europe there are 190 different types of fillers available. The report states:

It is our view that dermal fillers are a crisis waiting to happen.

A person having a non-surgical cosmetic intervention has no more protection and redress than someone buying a ball-point pen or a toothbrush.

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