Anti-social behaviour is a 'blight' on people's lives

Greater Manchester Police's Chief Constable Garry Shewan has responded to figures which claim Manchester is the 'anti-social capital' of Britain.

Mr Shewan said anti-social behaviour is a "blight" on people's lives, he added:

Greater Manchester Police has had significant reductions in anti-social behaviour (ASB), and the number of incidents is falling year-on-year. However, the Force is not complacent given that the total number of incidents ending February 2013 was 134,233.

Public perception of ASB as a problem has fallen, as have reported incidents, and there has been a rise in perceptions that the police and partners are tackling local problems and doing a good job.


Warning over 'cosmetic crisis'

Unregulated injectable anti-wrinkle treatments are a "crisis waiting to happen", an official review into cosmetic procedures has warned. It says the procedures should only be available on prescription and carried out by qualified practitioners.