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Teen wins u-17 custody ruling

A teenager has won his High Court battle for the police to treat 17-year-olds in custody as children, giving them the same protections offered to under-16s, including the right for them to contact their adults.

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High Court victory for teen over custody rules

A teenager has won a High Court victory over the Home Secretary's policy of treating 17-year-olds taken into custody as adults. The approach deprives the teenagers of protections offered to those aged 16 and under.

Two judges have ruled that that the policy is "incompatible" with human rights law.

Those under 16 are entitled to contact their parents or seek advice and assistance from an independent "appropriate" adult.

The ruling was a victory for Hughes Cousins-Chang, from Tulse Hill, south London, now aged 18, a sixth-form college student who was arrested by Metropolitan Police but subsequently found to be innocent.

He was detained for more than 12 hours and strip searched at a police station after being suspected of a robbery.

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