'Yewtree effect' may inflate future crime figures

The ONS said today's crime figures include the 214 sexual offences related to the high-profile Operation Yewtree associated with disgraced presenter Jimmy Savile.However, despite this, there was a 3% fall in overall recorded sexual offences.

The ONS said the so-called Yewtree effect, which may results in more victims coming forward to report historical sexual abuse, may impact on future figures.

There were 107, 471 offences of theft from the person recorded in the year to December 2012, compared to 99,396 in the previous year. The ONS said the rate of increase had sped up since 2008/2009.

This increase occurred almost entirely in London, the ONS said, with the volume of theft from the person offences in the rest of England and Wales remaining fairly flat since 2008/09.