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Minister: Families 'wasting food'

Families are wasting up to £50 a month by throwing away "enormous amounts of food" that is "perfectly safe" to eat, an environment minister has claimed. He has urged people to eat their left-overs and pay more attention to storage instructions.

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Families '£50 a month worse off' due to wasted food

Environment minister Richard Benyon said the cost of wasted food had been estimated at £12 billion per year, “which is about £50 a month for the average family.”

During a debate in Westminster, he reportedly urged people to "pay attention to the storage information on food packaging."

Keeping most fruit in the fridge in its packaging can keep it fresher for a week or more, but around 60 per cent of us take fruit out of the packaging, and more than 70 per cent of us do not store it in the fridge.

Re-closing packs of cheese and sliced meats helps to stop them drying out in the fridge, but 13 per cent of us apparently store such food unwrapped in the fridge.

We can all pay attention to the storage information on food packaging, which will help us to store food at home so that it keeps fresher for longer.

We have been needlessly throwing away enormous amounts of food when it is perfectly safe to eat it.

– Richard Benyon, Environment minister

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