1. Juliet Bremner - ITV News Correspondent

Man apologised after tweeting photos of Bulger killers

The court heard that Neil Harkins is a father and has young children and was very upset by the crimes committed by Venables and Thompson.

He put images on his Facebook page on 14th February 2013. Harkins has 141 followers and the images were shared with 24,039 people before he was contacted by the Attorney General and deactivated his account on 28th February.

He commented at the time of posting the picture "interesting that this photo isn't allowed to be shown and there's an investigation on how it got out. What's more interesting is why the he'll (sic) he got released and protected in the first place."

After he became aware he had broken the injunction he wrote to apologise in the fullest terms. He claimed that he had come across the pictures after logging onto a news article online.