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Minister: Families 'wasting food'

Families are wasting up to £50 a month by throwing away "enormous amounts of food" that is "perfectly safe" to eat, an environment minister has claimed. He has urged people to eat their left-overs and pay more attention to storage instructions.

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Your view: Families 'wasting £50 per month' on food

We asked ITV News viewers on Facebook whether they agreed with environment minister Richard Benyon's comments that the average family is wasting £50 per month by throwing away "perfectly safe" food.

Here is a selection of their answers:

There are people that go through bins in supermarkets and find perfectly safe food. What annoys me too is coffee shops and other food outlets that can only display food for a few hours then the food is binned. Why can't they either sell it cheaper to customers or donate it to soup kitchens or food banks? It's a disgusting waste especially when children in our own country are starving.

– Debbie Cressey

It does worry me that the younger generations of my family and quite a few friends will not eat anything that is past its sell by date and it goes in the bin. I feel really bad about the amount I throw away too but I do try not to and I do use things that I judge OK with common sense.

– Jane Thomas

I never go off the dates in the supermarkets, I use my own judgement. I look at the item, smell it and have a tester taste. I don't know how people can waste so much in these tough times.

– Zoe Elliot

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