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Welby defends economy claim

Britain has had "quite a long time" below the economic activity levels of 2007, the Archbishop of Canterbury said today. The Rt Rev Justin Welby warned on Monday that Britain is in an economic depression and could take a generation to recover.

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Archbishop voices concern over City of London culture

George Parker, political editor of the Financial Times, asked during the interview on BBC Radio 4's The Week in Westminster whether the Archbishop of Canterbury saw it as part of his mission to try to inject more morality into British financial life.

My key mission is to lead the church in worshipping Jesus Christ and encouraging people to believe in him and follow him. That's my mission.

The Christian gospel has always had strong social implications and one of them is around the common good and it's one of the key areas in which the Church of England focuses, and so issues of how the City of London, which is so important and so full of very gifted people, how that behaves in relation to the common good is very key, not to the whole thing that I'm about or the church is about, but to how we express the implications of that in day to day life.

The Archbishop denied a suggestion that he meant that the bank to be recapitalised was the Royal Bank of Scotland, saying he would not name a bank.

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