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Funeral for Hillsborough mum

Crowds are lining the streets of Formby, Merseyside to pay their respects to the Hillsborough campaigner Anne Williams whose funeral is taking place.

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Anne Williams: A mother's fight for justice

Hillsborough campaigner Anne Williams defied doctors by attending her last public appearance at the Hillsborough memorial service on the Monday before she died.

Her son Kevin died at Hillsborough, aged 15.

Anne Williams in 2009, wearing a t-shirt showing the names of the 96 fans killed at Hillsborough Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA Archive

Since then, Mrs Williams was known as one of the loudest voices throughout the campaigners' efforts for justice.

She was an early chairman of the Hillsborough Justice Campaign and later independently established Hope For Hillsborough (For Justice) in an effort to secure a fresh inquest into her son's death.

The funeral of Anne Williams will take place in Merseyside, later today.

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