Blairs 'receive' puppies that 'gave comfort to Thatcher'

Tony and Cherie Blair have been given two of the dachshund puppies that gave comfort to Margaret Thatcher in her final hours, reports the Telegraph.

Tony Blair and wife Cherie attend Margaret Thatcher's funeral. Credit: PA

The Blairs are said to be acquiring the puppies that were among the new litter belonging to Baroness Thatcher’s former private secretary Lord Charles Powell.

Lord Powell showed Baroness Thatcher a video of the puppies on his iPad when he visited her at the Ritz Hotel in her final hours, and which he said prompted “her last smile”.

The late Baroness Thatcher. Credit: PA

The puppies are owned by Lord Powell’s wife Carla, who helped deliver them two months ago, and the couple decided to give them away.

Lady Powell said Cherie agreed a month ago that she would take two of the litter and during Lady Thatcher's funeral they spoke again, according to reports.