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Queen to greet UAE president

The United Arab Emirates president will join the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh at Windsor Castle today as part of a state visit. It comes a day after three British men were jailed over drugs offences in Dubai after alleging they were abused by police.

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Brother of one of the men was 'greatly relieved'

ITV News' International Correspondent John Irvine was in court in Dubai today when the three British men were sentenced for drug offences. Speaking to Daybreak he said:

There was barely any time to gauge the reaction of the three defendants because this was all over in about 25 seconds, it's the quickest verdict and sentencing I have ever seen. Clearly the Dubai authorities, given all the publicity there has been, wanted to get this out of the way quickly.

The judge of course spoke in Arabic, he handed down sentences of four years to each of the trio and then told them that they would be deported, now that was translated to the three men and they were quickly led away.

I was sitting close to the brother of one of the men, he was greatly relieved, he told me afterwards that this was actually the best that they could have hoped for.

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