Jim Davidson: ‘My life is on hold’ following arrest

Comedian Jim Davidson said his “life is on hold” following his re-arrest over allegations of sexual offences.

Davidson wrote on his website, “I know the public are getting fed up, but these allegations must be investigated no matter how silly they appear”.

“I know from the messages I get that the public have lost faith in what was once an attempt to arrest paedophiles has turned into a celebrity witch hunt”, he continued.

File photograph of Jim Davidson. Credit: Helen Valentine/PA Wire

“The police have been kind and courteous to me. They must know that these accusations are things that can literally ruin people’s lives. My life is on hold, so is that of my wife”.

“The only good thing is that I know I am innocent, and that is a powerful weapon to have. It’s still is upsetting though. You have to be strong and wait for the game to play out”, Davidson added.

The former Generation Game and Big Break host has vigorously denied the allegations.