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Knox wants Meredith grave visit

Amanda Knox has revealed that she hopes the family of Meredith Kercher will one day allow her to pay her respects at the British student's grave. She spoke in a wide-ranging interview with a US TV station ahead of the release of her book.

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Amanda Knox 'thought about suicide' in prison

Amanda Knox, who faces a retrial over the killing of Meredith Kercher in Italy in 2007, has revealed how she thought about suicide during her time in prison. In her first television interview since being freed, Knox told ABC's Diane Sawyer how she felt "as if I were being sealed into a tomb":

Yeah. And the tomb was my life. It wasn't the prison. It was my life.

– Amanda Knox

Did you think about suicide?

– Diane Sawyer, ABC News

I did. Yeah. And the interesting thing is, as restricting as prison is - I mean you can't have your own nail polish in the room, for instance, there are plenty of ways that you could kill yourself. And people did. And I imagined doing them all.

– Amanda Knox

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