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Inmates made to 'earn' perks

The Justice Secretary is unveiling sweeping changes to the system of privileges that operates in all prisons. Under the new scheme, prisoners will have to earn perks through good behaviour rather than staying out of trouble, he said.

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Government: We should 'expect more of prisoners'

Prisons minister Jeremy Wright has told Daybreak that it is right for people to expect prisoners to avoid bad behaviour in prison.

He said:

What we think is that people are right to expect prisoners to avoid bad behaviour when they are in prison, so not to punch the officers not to smash up their cells, that's obviously the right expectation, but I think we should expect more of prisoners than that.

We should also expect them to engage in their own rehabilitation, we should expect them to work towards turning their lives around and if they do that then they'll be able to learn their privileges, and if they don't, they won't.

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