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'Shocking' animal neglect

The RSPCA has revealed a "shocking catalogue of deliberate cruelty and neglect" to animals. Convictions for animal neglect has risen by nearly 40% in the last year, the charity aid.

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Number of animals rescued has risen by nearly 10%

The RSPCA has described the "shocking catalogue" of animal cruelty and neglect last year, including a dog being slashed with a knife by his owner and two tiny puppies buried alive.

New figures released by the charity today show an increase in cruelty to animals in the last year:

  • Successful prosecutions relating to cruelty to small mammals such as rabbits and hamsters rose from 97 in 2011 to 354 in 2012, while convictions linked to the treatment of farm animals rose from 22 to 49 in the same period
  • The number of convictions relating to the treatment of equine animals, such as horses, ponies and donkeys, rose from 230 in 2011 to 500 last year
  • Animals rescued or collected by the RSPCA increased by 9.7% from 119,126 to 130,695
  • The animal welfare group also helped rescue 64,000 farmed chickens from a flooded barn
  • They also found more than 30 rabbits and guinea pigs living amongst dead animals in slurry-filled hutches and an emaciated pony pinned to the ground by his tether

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