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Six plead guilty to EDL plot

Six Islamic extremists have pleaded guilty to plotting a deadly attack on an English Defence League rally.

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Police found Queen 'hate' note in EDL plotters' car

A search of an impounded car, stopped by a traffic officer on the M1, revealed a cache of weapons belonging to the gang who planned to attack an EDL march in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

There were also 10 copies of a hate-filled note addressed to the enemies of Islam, the Queen and Prime Minister David Cameron.

The document described the EDL as the 'English Drunkards League' Credit: Police Handout

It said: "This is a message to the enemies of Allah and his messenger. This is a message to the kafir (non-believer) female devil and self-proclaimed Queen Elizabeth and her accursed jubilee, fooling a nation of blind sheep to your self-proclaimed royalty and majesty."

The Queen was addressed as 'female devil' in the hate-filled note Credit: PA Wire

The document addressed the EDL directly, saying: "To the EDL (English Drunkards League). O enemies of Allah! We have heard and seen you openly insulting the final Messenger of Allah... you should know that for every action there is a reaction.

"Today is a day of retaliation (especially) for your blasphemy of Allah and his Messenger Muhammad. We love death more than you love life. The penalty for blasphemy of Allah and his Messenger Muhammad is death.

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