Audley Harrison retires from boxing after final defeat

Announcing the end of his fighting career, Audley Harrison said: "The regrets I have, I live with and accept." Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

British boxer Audley Harrison has announced his retirement from the sport following his fourth career defeat at the weekend.

The former Olympic super-heavyweight champion was knocked down and counted out within 70 seconds against Deontay Wilder in Sheffield on Saturday night.

Harrison today confirmed on his personal website it will be his last action in the ring in a statement titled "I'm retiring".

Audley Harrison was quickly overwhelmed by American Deontay Wilder on Saturday night, failing to land a single punch. Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

"There are only so many times you can fall before it becomes foolhardy to continue," he wrote. "I’ve fallen a lot, but winning the heavyweight title was a destination I really wanted to get to. Coming back from adversity has been synonymous with my life."

Harrison added: "I’ve done well to turn my life around, but sadly my dream to be a legitimate world champion will be unrealised."