MP sorry after hitting cyclist with car door

Senior Labour MP Margaret Hodge has apologised after hitting a cyclist with her car door.

Hodge, chairwoman of the high profile Public Accounts Committee, apologised to the cyclist after the incident at around 6pm last night.

Margaret Hodge hit the cyclist after parking her car. Credit: PA

The cyclist was said to be uninjured and neither ambulance nor police units were called to the scene, which was in her constituency in Barking, East London.

A spokeswoman for Mrs Hodge said the car was parked and the engine was not running when the clash occurred.

She has admitted holding a mobile phone in her hand when the incident occurred but said she was not making a call at the time.

The statement said: "As she was getting out of the car, she struck a cyclist with the car door.

"She apologised profusely to the cyclist, he accepted the apology.

"My understanding is the only damage was to a light on the bike and the cyclist was unharmed."