Labour MP: 'Good result on what we have seen so far'

Labour MP Tom Watson pictured on the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee Credit: PA wire

Labour's election co-ordinator Tom Watson said his party enjoyed a good night in the local elections and South Shields by-election.

Speaking to the BBC Radio 4 programme, Mr Watson said "We had a good result on what we have seen so far, to get 50 per cent of the vote in South Shields, to win back the mayor in Tyneside, to make progress in the Westminster battleground seats within counties is good for us.

"In the Westminster battleground seats, places like Harlow, Hastings, Stevenage, Cannock, the Westminster seats we lost in 2010 and we need to win back in 2015, they are coming back to Labour in quite big numbers."

The MP for West Bromwich East said Labour leader Ed Miliband had been consistently told by voters that they felt a sense of "powerlessness" when it came to politics and its ability to change their lives.

"At the heart of this is economic failure, they feel the Government plan is not working and they feel the job of the Labour Party is to convince people there is a better way, that we can address this squeeze on living standards and give people more hope," he said.